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9th September 2019 – IT Problems, health, a new relationship and travels have meant it’s not been updated. The fleetlists are done as and when they are updated by other people BUT I’m abandoning the SS / SW updates until next time…. the problem was that I was trying to update Nov data to Dec but next time might just leave as is. DundeeBuses has been also updated (work in progress) as are the photo albums on Facebook – however FB no longer lets me a create a static / public link that I can put links to.

7th January 2019 – December 2018 fleetlist updated for Major Operators, SE Minor Operators, SN Minor Operators and Edinburgh Trams (rest in progess)


ScotBus was an abbreviated title for The Scottish Bus Site, which I launched in 1998. After planning a website since 1997 for a magazine of the day, I decided to expand it to cover Scotland. There was not many sources of information for Scottish bus enthusiasts, back in the day. ScotBus since became another name for the things I do online. A lot of you have said you liked what I did back in the day, and Suzy’s Virtual Picture Skip, which had the majority of the photos I had, until Fotopic ceased.

A lot of you have since said you enjoyed what I did. I’ve been living with my partner in Hertfordshire since 2007, so HertsBus is perhaps a more logical name for the ScotBus-ish stuff I used to do, albeit down here. We split up in Summer 2018, and I am now living back in Dundee.

So, what’s that that I do? Go out, and have a good time with snapping, spotting and information collating! As my role in life has changed, you will also find some cuddily toys, tee shirts, friends and family, and sometimes footie or wrestling. There should be nothing that isn’t safe for work – but if so I will advise on the header.

jimg_me_svg Photo by Jim Gardner




Jayne & Jim says:

Dear Mrs and Mrs

Hope it all went well and was fun?

Neat trick with the weather too… I expect the photos will be great 🙂

Sorry we could be there but Jim has to work today and I can’t drive that far on my own – even getting across the river to Tesco (1.2Km)is very difficult for me! 🙁

Love and hugs,

Jayne xx

Suzy says:

Thanks Jayne!
Kind regards,
S&C xxxx

Matthew says:

Hi Suzy was very nice to meet another dedicated enthusiast on church street in Luton if you remember I was the guy who came up and introduced my self say it’s nice to see another enthusiast.

Suzy says:

Hello! Indeed it was
Suzy x

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