NEW Hertfordshire Bus Times May 2020

This book is the eighth book under my adopted moniker (an abbreviation of one of my websites that kinda stuck as a knickname!) – NatEx, Citylink/Megabus, Dundee (since expanded to cover all of Tayside), Glasgow (2 volumes) and Greater London (2 volumes plus a follow-up), Edinburgh/Lothians, and Scottish Rail Services. This timetable covers Hertfordshire – where I used to live in Royston and WGC (Welwyn Garden City) for 11 years.

This guide was drafted in the run up to all the changes with the tenders services annually in March 2020, Then came the Covid-19 lockdown! You will find a supplement of temporary Covid-19 service changes on Pages 42-44 in Book 1.

Permanent changes to Cambridgeshire Busway (planned for 30th March 2020), and the introduction of Arriva Click Watford, had to be postponed. The complete timetable for the Busway wasn’t produced, so please check with the operators later this Spring/early Summer.

Book 1 contains an Index to Services, Bus Timetables 1 to 350 (well actually 347!)

Book 2 contains Bus Timetables 351 to W30, Multi Operator Tickets, Operator Contact Information, and a COvid-19/Coronavirus

Rail Timetables are NOT included here, BUT there will be a London & South East Rail Timetable on sale coming later in May 2020.

The content includes all changes known up to and including Thursday 14th May 2020.

1 – 502 A5 pages, colour covers, with black and white interior – 19 pages in colour with maps  £40 + £4 postage/packing

2 – 376 A5 pages, colour covers, with black and white interior £25 + £4 postage/packing

1 and 2 combined – £64 + £6 UK Postage (equals £70) –  save £3!

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The timetable itself is ready and correct to Monday 18th May 2020. Hard copy orders will get a complimentary download for now. The print copies are likely to follow once the Lockdown-related restrictions for my copier supplier (a stuck casing part preventing me from de-jamming myself) and also for Peterborough Reginal College (who’s print team are currently on furlough). i.e. whichever one returns to work first!