Edinburgh & The Lothians November 2019

This book is the sixth book under my adopted moniker (an abbreviation of one of my websites that kinda stuck as a knickname!) – NatEx, Citylink/Megabus, Dundee, Glasgow (2 volumes) and Greater London (2 volumes). While initially I was thinking the page count be too tight just for Edinburgh City, East Lothian and Midlothian, this was hardly the case – so West Lothian became part of the same book. So, this guide covers (hopefully!) all local bus (and tram) services in the former Lothian Regional Council area, which is now Edinburgh City, East Lothian, Midlothian and West Lothian Councils.
The book has everything in one volume, including information on forthcoming road
works and closures as part of the Trams to Newhaven project (i.e. finishing the line the way it should have been in the first place!!!) . You can find this in the Stop Press section, including the future of Service 701 after December 2019. Maps included include a Lothian one tiled atlas-style, or you can obtain one of these free of charge from me directly. Similarly Midlothian Council have a forthcoming map which was sadly not ready in time to be included – but I will be more than happy to send one to you once they are ready!

The content includes all changes known up to and including 17th November 2019, with contents correct as at Thursday 14th November 2019 (Stop Press Information updated Thursday 28th November 2019 just before sending for proofing). Please check here for any glitches, errors and short-notice changes in the coming days and weeks.

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