Support ScotBus

For those of you who want to support me in other ways, have no room for books, can’t understand downloads – and most importantly – if you have the money and want to help. (Latter two entirely separate of course!)

You can donate to the Forums, websites, books, and everything else Suzy/ScotBus does, online by visiting It is not necessary to support what I do in this way. But if you want to give back… now’s the time and the link is the place! 🙂 You can pay £2 (or multiples thereof) as a one-off gift/donation – use the + to increase the value of the donation in increments of £2 (GBP) – all of which goes to me with no added VAT. You aren’t buying coffee – it’s just metaphorical. (Sorry to my fellow caffeine junkies!)

You can also give a recurring subscription each month – if you do that you will get an extra 10% off your hard copy books and 20% off all downloads to show my appreciation!

P.S. Webhosting alone (Forums and websites) works out now around £105 per month including domains (for which my ex chips in for her stuff) – but I have to find the rest from my own money, along with all the other usual living expenses. If you want to support me for this, or for any other basis, then any and all donations are appreciated.

When you are done setting up, check your email for one from Ko-Fi – which will include a link to the current PC wallpaper for download – a small token of my appreciation to my supporters! If you sign up for a recurring subscription I will send you personalised details for how to get your savings.

Additionally I am also set up on Patreon, but in addition to their conversion and commission they would slap 20% VAT On top – as they see this as a digital service…. Meaning I’d get about £9.50 for every (£10 + VAT = ) £12 you give…  But if you hate KoFi for any reason, please let me know and I’ll slip you the Patreon site details. Of course; cheques, postal orders are all welcome too 😊