Greater Glasgow Timetables

Here is another new title that I thought would be a good idea on the way home from a Glasgow Vintage Vehicle Trust October 2019 open weekend. You see… I wondered if I could get a Glasgow City and surrounding areas – never all in one book – but as an experiment I’ve tried this for Glasgow City and the surrounding areas covered by the newish Glasgow Tripper bus ticket scheme. Not just those – including operators who don’t accept them – but in the same area.

Book 1 (the yellow cover) containing all timetables in the Glasgow Tripper bus ticket zone (Glasgow City plus East Kilbride, Johnstone, Clydebank, Moodiesburn, Bishopbriggs, Milngavie and more!).

This includes all bus, subway services, except long distance bus and coach services, including all Citylink/Megabus/National Express/Fishers Tours and Stagecoach East Scotland (Glasgow and Western are included) timetables, stand-alone Night Services, as well as all other similar operators including international services and Belfast / Dublin services – purely on the basis of space. This does not include First Glasgow dead mileage killers/placing journeys to/from the depot, as these are all in the process of being cancelled. There is no Index to Services (or Places Served), and the Glasgow-area First (and other operators) map, tickets and contacts in atlas style is in a separate booklet (Book 2). Sorry but I had to make sure that the page count had to be 740 or less!

n.b. While I did want to include Strathclyde area rail services (to assist those using Roundabout  and DayTripper tickets too), these had to be removed for now because of the space. A Winter 2019/2020 Scottish Rail Timetable will be on sale nearer the time of December timetable change, it is hoped. Please therefore excuse “and rail” in the introduction – guess who forgot to take that out before sending for proofing?

Book 2 (the red cover) is effectively an bus atlas with maps in atlas format, as well as the Index to Services from the First Glasgow 2018 map (including other bus operators too). This guide also includes a lot of stuff had to be squeezed from the Glasgow Book 1 – this therefore includes all the tickets, operator contact details and some other information  that didn’t get room for. This is Book 2 which therefore includes full colour maps instead of B&W.

Both books are correct to the service changes from Sunday 27th October 2019, and the changes can be found with all the information I had up to Tuesday 15th October 2019.
A Supplement is included which includes glitches and changes through November, and forward changes known for December and January. The supplement also includes Stagecoach West Scotland changes up to 1st Decmember 2019. You can download the supplement here, or please forward your Lulu order confirmation to me ( and I will send you a hard copy of any supplements as and when they arrive. (Orders by Mail will get these directly).

Glasgow 1 (Timetables)       27th October 2019           £35.00 + P&P (Hard Copy) No ITPS

Hard Copy on sale now                                              £15.00 (Download both) 740 Pages

Download Copy on sale now – includes Part 1 and Part 2 together for the price of £15.00

Hard Copies now on sale too.

Glasgow 2 (Maps etc).         27th October 2019           £12.00 + P&P (Hard Copy) No ITPS

Hard Copy on sale now                                               £15.00 (Download both) 48pp Col

Download Copy on sale now – includes Part 1 and Part 2 together for the price of £15.00

Hard Copies now on sale too.