Grampian (Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire, Moray) Timetables

Fit like ma quines and loons? (Or Hello ladies and gentlemen for the non-speakers of Aberdeenshire’s native dialect Doric!!!) This book contains all timetables in Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire and Moray – the former areas that made up Grampian Region.

The book also includes Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey areas of Highland Region, where many of the services also come into former Grampian Region in Moray or connect with those that do. The timetable contains all timetables from Monday 30th September 2019. This book includes Winter Citylink timetables (only minor changes in comparison to the major 6 Cities network changes of May, and subsequent corrections in June and July), and also includes all the changes and new timetables from the Stagecoach August 2019 service review, as well as minor changes to First Aberdeen schools in August 2019 and the Bridges corridor (1/1A/1B/2) in September 2019. First Aberdeen has recently consulted on service cuts for late October 2019. A summary of the proposed changes (and subsequent changes to their intentions and plans) is also in this guide, along with timetables towards the rear. Updated route maps for the services changing – and the First Network Map after October – were not available at the time gf going to press. Following health concerns of the new owner JP Coaches is closing their M W Nicoll operation in Laurencekirk also in October 2019, and the changes known up to Monday 7th October 2019 are also in the supplement.

Two maps are tiled for the City and Aberdeenshire/Moray – the latter includes some services withdrawn, but there is usually a new one every Summer (not ready at the time of going to press). The Aberdeen City map was out of date as there were changes even a month later not included, but you can find First Aberdeen day network map on the back cover (September 2019 edition), and a night map just before Service N1.

Please forward your Lulu order confirmation to me ( and I will send you a hard copy of any supplement together with the Aberdeen City an Aberdeen Shire Bus Maps free of charge. (Orders by Mail will get these directly). The X27 timetable we included was sadly incorrect (and two minor changes in Moray fell under my radar) but if you prefer you can also download the supplement at

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