2016 Photos: July to December 2016


Winter (November / December 2016, January / February2017) randoms

Winter MISC for ScotBus

Includes a Genetics related visit to Cambridge, and some other snaps and shots around the flat, St Albans, Welwyn Garden City and Hatfield.

Sunday 20th November 2016 at the Bus Station

ENsignRRS for ScotBus

Some from WGC – some rail replacements and a 242 from TrustyBus.
Some arm related snaps, including some photos after a visit to Stevenage fracture appointments
m type stockwell
A small number of photos as a result of a lot of pain (which we found later was a broken arm!). Aside from that pain, delays on the way in meaning we got finally unpacked six minutes before opening time!), an exploding bottle, a minicab driver in the evening who went to Battersea instead of Stockwell… it was a good day!!!

Saturday 1st October 2016 – Potters Bar Garage Open Day


Metroline’s Potters Bar depot – their only London-related garage outwith the current GLA area – had an open day, and we had a stall. Adjacent police left around lunchtime claming it was dead, but we had broken the target in the first hour!


Saturday in harlow – Saturday 10th September 2016

Sep 16 Harlow cover for SB

A few from Harlow on Saturday 10th September, and in WGC just before



Wednesday 17th to Wednesday 24th August 2016 – #nosuzynopartytour 2016



Follow the link to the separate page for this Album.


Saturday 30th July 2016 – Forum visit to uno Hatfield, then East Herts Minature Railway

Uno outside garage

A ‘Forum meet up… starting from Hatfield Station, then 607 to the Business Park, same bus back to Galleria, Uno 341 or 641 to Hertford, 724 to Van Hauge Garden Centre for the East Herts Minature railway… then back to Hertford on the 310…



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