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Monday 31st May 2021

A friend of mine was roaring at me on Messenger last week, and then I realised I do have some previous… Roary The Tiger (Tiger Line mascot) and me at Watford Clarendon Road promoting first day of Saturday Service on the T2, where the shop behind is actually now a Pret (or was last time I saw in 2018).

Delays Update

So… December was the last set of Newsletters… the plan was initially that the Scottish Bus Fleetlists and London Transport Guides would be finished early in the new year.  The idea was then Winter 20/21 National Rail Guide (Network Rail never issued this timetable, changing their mind twice).

Then… Boris Johnson declares lockdown in England again (And of course the rest of the UK). This added 6 weeks delay to all my work. Peterborough Regional College/Aspire do a decent job, but then I couldn’t even get the back up printers to reply as they took the six weeks off…

Then… a month or so after the college group reopens, they have a Cyber Attack… this means that a further 3-4 weeks delay, with them getting the last plan printing machine working a fortnight ago.

All the customers who have ordered the Winter editions of London Transport Guide will get 15th May 2021, and Scottish Bus Fleetlists will be getting an updated edition to Spring 2021 instead. You will also get three months free Unlimited Downloads of Suzy’s other books to download, and Suzy will be getting in touch with you in the next month. Free Trial customers have no obligation to continue.

This is the current idea… Currently working on LTG and SBF editions (As above) HOPING to get them off for print this coming week, next weekend at the absolute latest.  London Transport Guide will now include a new multi-modal London wide bus map which they are allowing me to use royalty-free (Bus map for LTG and Rail Diagram for the LTG and NRG) – up to date to include the 456 / W10 change and everything else up to April 2021. You can see the map online in full at and then

Summer 2021 – National Rail have their timetable online -with an additional proviso; there will be an updated edition in June. This was said with Summer 2020… So for just now we will believe it, with other thigs happening now so that I will look once everything else is done. They are on pre-order – the slightly higher price includes royalties for an updated map – Railmap has agreed to supplytheir 2021 Map, with edits made to also include table numbers. (If this fails to materialise I will make the next one cheaper to compensate the difference).

I am intending at taking a brief break late June/early July – more about this nearer the time.

Additionally I am int the midst of moving shop from BigCartel to Square (matching the company I use for card payments). With so many delays I will leave the older shop items there for just now, with rest to follow!

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NRG Summer 2021 – Comprehensive Edition

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NRG Summer 2021 – Comprehensive Edition – PREORDER LATE JUNE EARLY JULY
Four Volume Comprehensive Set
Contains all rail timetables in the traditional National Rail size i.e. A5 6pt, and also many bus, rail, ferrry links with a comprehensive Index of all included timetables
Also includes (Cartographer permitting) a fully updated UK National Rail Map.
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For overseas shipping or individual parts of the series, please get in touch.

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London Bus Guide (LBG) 12th December 2020 15th May 2021

Set of three books with slightly expanded coverage area for Country (to include all areas covered by London Underground with buses) as well as “Central” services. 3 Volume set of bus, tube etc.

Additionally includes Operational Details too. This edition GreenLine and Airport timetables will be Summary Tables only with changes happening every other hour = BUT we do include a summary table showing all the V-series schools instead of this, and Operational Details sections.

Retro cover photos from 2000 to commemorate 20 21 years London Bus Routes.

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ScotBus November 2020 Scottish Bus Fleetlists Spring 2021 Fleetlists by Chris Forbes

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Any Questions on this lot… please get in touch!
Thanks again for your patience with the delays I have had over the few months.
Suzy xxx