Scottish Bus Fleetlists (Major Operators) July 2021

Online Scottish Bus Fleetlists Major Operators for July 2021

Hello – and welcome to Scottish Bus Fleetlists Major Operators for July 2021. The idea was originally one compiled starting from October 2020 fleets to come out around the turn of the year… then the printer entered lockdown (part of an English college group). After getting back to normal in February, the college group had a major cyber-attack that has knocked everyone back a bit more… instead… BUT they do say bad luck comes in threes! As I was getting the Spring 2021 fleetlists ready for sale, Xplore Dundee was renumbered as part of the McGills (former Arriva IIRC) numbering system – so these are now July 2021 Fleetlists (with 1st August stop press for Xplore Dundee). Hard Copies have gone to everyone that pre-ordered.

These lists include 3939 vehicle records showing fleet number, registration, chassis and body numbers, seating, date new, livery, and (where applicable) former registration, last owner, and names…

In previous editions I have also included Minor Operators – for now, these are not included. It is hoped that these might form additional books in the future, once I can get the information correct enough to upload and sell.

Since 2019 Stagecoach North Scotland has been split into Bluebird Buses and Highland, with vast swarms of more environmentally buses and coaches. Stagecoach also have a new set of liveries, and also repainted one coach into a retro livery for 2020, as well as Stagecoach and First doing the additional; retro liveries for 60 Years since Alexander split into Northern, Midland and Fife.

Thanks must go to Chris Forbes for the fleet information (who has been compiling their lists for the public benefit for decades – I tidy them up, find photos and captions, added the Index, sort out bugs, put them online and print them). Also John Sinclair, Stefan Schnell, Willie Brown for the use of their photos in this printed copy. As well as thanks to those who have helped in the past, as well as to  all of you for your support, and downloads, over the last 23 years of me being online! Download  PDF Acrobat Files at
Download XLS Files at

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