Scottish Bus Fleetlists as at December 2018 LAST UPDATED 7th JANUARY 2019

Scottish Bus Fleetlists (correct to December 2018) online

Those of you who are regular visitors to will be more than aware that we’ve been hosting free Scottish Bus Fleetlists for years… Indeed, we currently have 17 previous sets of Major Operator lists – many thanks to Chris Forbes. In 2017 we were able to expand further, to include Minor Operators, thanks to Tony Hunter.

This next set goes even further! We also cover Non-PSV, Edinburgh Trams, Minibuses and Preserved vehicles (either those based in Scotland, and those outside that I recognise as ex-Scotland –  so this might not be a 100pc list – but you can also refer to the museum’s Stock Lists for more details).

Correct to the December 2018 (or PSV Circle ns747) – there is also additional tables showing D&E changes from 3rd January 2019 when there services are acquired by Stagecoach North Scotland (Highland Country). Some additional last minute changes have been added for Xplore Dundee, JP Coaches and Fishers Tours, bringing these fleets right up to the end of December 2018.

n.b. As at Monday 7th January 2019, all the major operators are ready for download, together with the SE Minor Operators, SN Minor Operators, and Edinburgh Trams. The SS and SW Minor Operators, Non-PSV and preserved, and complete Index, will follow in the coming days and weeks.

The PDF’s have been now given a larger print size (wherever possible), while the Excel ones are unchanged in terms of print layout.

Major Operators as at December 2018 – XLS (Stagecoach North Scotland is one XLS file, one Word doc with two pages, and Xplore Dundee updated to 31st December 2018);

Major Operators as at December 2018 – PDF (Stagecoach North Scotland has two additional pages of changes at end, and Xplore Dundee updated to 31st December 2018) at;

Minor Operators, Non-PSV, Edinburgh Trams and Preserved Vehicles as at December 2018 (JP/Fishers in SE updated to 31st December) – PDF at;

Indexes and Decoders all now at;

Major Operators (a more detailed list is in the Indexes and Decoders directory)

Craig “Group” (Borders Buses, Fairline, Glasgow Citybus, West Coast), First Aberdeen, First Glasgow No. 1 and 2 (includes Lanarkshire), First Scotland East (Midland Bluebird and First Scotland East), Lothian “Group” (East Coast Buses, Edinburgh Bus Tours, Lothian Buses, Lothian Coaches, Lothian Country Buses), McGills Bus Service, Stagecoach East Scotland (Fife t/a Stagecoach in Fife, Stagecoach in Perth, Stagecoach Strathtay), Stagecoach North Scotland (Bluebird t/a Stagecoach Bluebird, and Highland t/a Stagecoach in Caithness, Stagecoach in Highlands, Stagecoach in Inverness, Stagecoach in Lochaber, Stagecoach on Orkney and Stagecoach on Skye), Stagecoach West Scotland (Western t/a Stagecoach Western, Stagecoach Glasgow), and Xplore Dundee (Tayside t/a Xplore Dundee). (EDINBURGH TRAMS GO UNDER MINOR OPERATORS FOLDER)

Which Area Is Which (For Minor/Non PSV/Preserved Operators etc.)

SE – former Central region, Fife, former Tayside region
SN – former Grampian region, Highlands & Islands
SS – former Lothian region, as well as Scottish Borders
SW – former Strathclyde region, as well as Dumfries & Galloway

S? – (currently only used in Preserved prefix) – A preserved vehicle of Scottish (or former Scottish) origin who’s location is unclear.

X prefix – Non-PSV
Y-prefix – Minibus

P-prefix followed by the area in brackets-Preserved (this is only used by me in these Fleetlists)

A hard copy book will follow later in January 2019 – more information will follow later.


Thanks must go to…

Chris Forbes and Tony Hunter for the fleet information (who have been compiling their lists for the public benefit for decades – I tidy them up, find photos and captions, added the Index, sort out bugs, put them online and print them).

Chris Forbes, Tails Prower and Willie Brown for the use of their photos (on the printed copies)

To all of you for your support, and downloads, over the many many years!

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