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Suzy is the founder and administrator of ScotBus.com, DundeeBuses.info (timetables for “Greater” Dundee online) and two Bus Enthusiast Forums (Dundee Area and Anglia), creator of hard copy and downloadable area bus timetable books, my bus photos, and more besides. I’ve been online since the days of the original Scottish Bus Site back in 1998.

Timetable books were started under the name of Here To There Publishing Ltd. from 2011 until the end of my relationship with my business and life partner Caroline in July 2018. We kept things going to wind things up at the end of the year. BUT…

Following the cessation of Here To There Publishing Ltd, Suzy continues to do the bus-related stuff under the names of ScotBus.com.  Subject to health and other commitments it is intended to do 4-6 publications a year (if that) – and for once in 2019 I actually beat my target and then some!

Some of the projects will to be complete major works that had been in progress. These are sold only from my website, mail or telephone order.

You will also be able to get these all buy hard copies or download once again from http://suzyscott.bigcartel.com 

For the sake of transparency all revenues (and other payments/cheques received) will be disclosed to the authorities. Just in case 🙂

The first few are a quickly-produced stop gap between timetables issued in 2018 / 2019 and any published ones in 2020. This will include plenty more in 2020 – already Herts, London (update) and Tayside have been done with plenty more to come.

Suzy is now in a new relationship, but this is not affected to have any impact these plans. Suzy’s health really is the main thing – ME and Huntington’s most often impacting into my life.

While no stalls are planned at this time, timetable leaflets and route maps still come into my collection. You can find how to get these sent to you by post in this catalogue. Our best-selling titles before were our London titles, and on this page you can find out how you we have experimented with the pair for September 2019.

If you don’t have room for physical books but still want to support my work – and downloads’ are not your thing – you can still support Suzy’s work in new ways – see the Support ScotBus page.

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  1. Dear Mrs and Mrs

    Hope it all went well and was fun?

    Neat trick with the weather too… I expect the photos will be great 🙂

    Sorry we could be there but Jim has to work today and I can’t drive that far on my own – even getting across the river to Tesco (1.2Km)is very difficult for me! 🙁

    Love and hugs,

    Jayne xx

  2. Hi Suzy was very nice to meet another dedicated enthusiast on church street in Luton if you remember I was the guy who came up and introduced my self say it’s nice to see another enthusiast.

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